A Little Pinspiration: Art & Culture

A Little Pinspiration: Art & Culture

Sometimes it saddens me that the majority of repins from my Pinterest account are pictures of food and other insanely delicious looking Franken-dessert cookie/cake frosted chocolatey hybrids, only because there are so many other interesting things on there to see.

A few things that amazed me this week:

  • French photographer Thierry Cohen’s photo-illustrations of what night skies over major cities would look like minus the light pollution:


  • The charming illustrations of French artist, David Cessac – love this one of Karl Lagerfeld!


  • As a native New Yorker, of course I feel a particular affinity for the sketches of my hometown, but Untapped Cities also provides beautifully written insight and art about many other urban communities across the globe, such as Paris, Los Angeles, Detroit, and London:


Have a Pinterest account?  If you have any particularly inspiring pins that made you stop and stare this week, please feel free to share, and if you like these bits, you can check out the rest of my boards here:

Thanks for reading!


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