Makeup Collections: Into the Gloss’s Top Shelf

Makeup Collections: Into the Gloss’s Top Shelf

I am one of those people you might be hesitant about inviting to your next party because I L-O-V-E sneaking a peek behind the shower curtain to see what kinds of soap and shampoo and conditioner you’ve got, and opening your medicine cabinet to see what kind of toothpaste you use.  Some of my favorite kinds of videos and blog posts from beauty gurus and bloggers are those ridiculously large beauty collections and what’s in my shower type posts.  Maybe it makes me nosy, but who doesn’t have a little bit of a voyeuristic streak in them?

That’s why I adore Into The Gloss for their Top Shelf section, which showcases the actual vanities, bathroom counters, and beauty habits of various fashionable persons.  It’s kind of like the Coveteur, but way more exciting for beauty-philes.  This past week they profiled Anna Sui!  ANNA SUI, people!  I literally let out a tiny yelp of excitement when I saw her pic.  She was one of the first fashion names I ever became familiar with, and Sui Dreams was my first designer fragrance splurge.  I even remember how excited I was when she launched her color cosmetics line, with its black lacquer rose packaging and beautifully bohemian punk vibe.  My first purchase was a purple eyeshadow.  Of course!

Her feature does not disappoint; she is utterly candid and entertaining about her beauty routines and how they’ve evolved over time, and her decor is all you would expect and more.  I absolutely dig her old school hexagonal bathroom tile and the white rose candelabra.

Okay, now that I’m done swooning, I’m off to hunt for lipstick #400.


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