One to watch: Aidan Turner

I doubt that I was alone in feeling surprised and disappointed when Peter Jackson’s big screen production of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ didn’t win for Best Makeup and Hairstyling at the Oscars, especially considering that even many of the animals were styled.  If nothing else, Jackson and his team deserve a huge amount of credit for creating thirteen charming, even sexy, dwarves.

Yes.  I said sexy dwarves.  Before you accuse me of being some kind of weird fetishist perv (for the record, I am not alone in thinking dwarves are the new sexy if Buzzfeed’s article is any indication), Jackson’s dwarves seem way more like super compact Viking warriors and are a far cry from the wizened, hooded gang that showed up in the 1977 cartoon.  It’s a bit of a shame that you can’t see more of the actual men under the makeup as they’re all pretty adorable.  Probably the easiest to recognize in real life due to his lack of face prosthetics in the movie (something that the other dwarves sitting for over 3 hours in the makeup chair were pretty jealous of) is Aidan Turner, who plays one of a pair of younger dwarf brothers named Fili and Kili.  He’s Kili, in case you were wondering (and if bearded blond dwarves are more to your liking, treat yourself and look up Kiwi actor and artist, Dean O’Gorman, who plays his brother, Fili).

Turner seems to have a penchant for non-human roles.  In addition to reprising his role as Kili in the two forthcoming ‘Hobbit’ movies, his next big screen appearance will be as werewolf Luke Garroway in this summer’s film ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,’ adapted from Cassandra Clare’s novel.  However, before he was a dwarf or a werewolf, Turner was probably most well known for his portrayal of broody, blood teetotaling vampire, John Mitchell on the BBC’s first three seasons of Being Human.  ‘

The Hobbit’ will be released on DVD today, but if dwarves are not your thing, you can get a peek of Turner playing vampire here, and the rest of the series is available on Netflix.

Happy viewing!


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