Don’t Despair: Yeah Yeah Yeahs make landmark video

Leave it to the dead cooler than cool musical trio, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to make history as the first band ever to film a music video atop the Empire State Building.

As compelling a muse as Karen O is, the iconic building and glimmering skyline steal the show, particularly in the last minute, which features a breathtaking view of the sun rising over the city that never sleeps as Karen sings, “Through the darkness and the light, some sun has got to rise.”  While the title of the song may lead you to believe otherwise, the video for “Despair” is hopeful and joyous, and the combination of the lyrics and the panorama of Manhattan at dawn brought a lump to my throat.

Karen O said:

“It’s a song about overcoming despair, acknowledging that it’s always going to be there, making room for it… Unhappiness is just another form of happiness, is what I read in a book recently. It’s a pretty appropriate song to be singing into the wind up there.”

I wholeheartedly agree.


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