Will Love Tear You Apart?

Still feeling tore up about this weekend’s Game of Thrones shocking Red Wedding and feel like prolonging the agony?  Check out the hauntingly conceptualized game inspired by Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and wallow. I do recommend that you play the game in full screen and with headphones on as the entry page suggests. Much more atmospheric.

I have to admit I have played this game several times now and I have no idea whether you can win.  Oh, hey, Gordon Calleja, I see what you did there!


Tracey Emin’s Valentine to New York City

Like most of my fellow New Yorkers, I find Times Square to be an unbearable tourist wasteland, and can only stand extremely limited doses of the crowds and neon billboards (shoving, with elbows, on my hurried way elsewhere), but tonight you might find me braving the hordes of couples rushing to and from dinner and the Broadway shows, standing in the heart of midtown a few minutes before midnight, head tilted upwards, to catch Tracey Emin’s Valentine to New York City.

What can I say… I’m a romantic (sometimes) and we do crazy things for the city we love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!