Don’t Despair: Yeah Yeah Yeahs make landmark video

Leave it to the dead cooler than cool musical trio, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to make history as the first band ever to film a music video atop the Empire State Building.

As compelling a muse as Karen O is, the iconic building and glimmering skyline steal the show, particularly in the last minute, which features a breathtaking view of the sun rising over the city that never sleeps as Karen sings, “Through the darkness and the light, some sun has got to rise.”  While the title of the song may lead you to believe otherwise, the video for “Despair” is hopeful and joyous, and the combination of the lyrics and the panorama of Manhattan at dawn brought a lump to my throat.

Karen O said:

“It’s a song about overcoming despair, acknowledging that it’s always going to be there, making room for it… Unhappiness is just another form of happiness, is what I read in a book recently. It’s a pretty appropriate song to be singing into the wind up there.”

I wholeheartedly agree.


Sarah Neufeld: Yogi and Arcade Fire violinist gives us a solo album and a little serenity in NYC

I’m not mystical in any sense of the word, but I have to admit I do sometimes get tingly frissons of delight at certain coincidental cosmic alignments in my universe.  These might include nabbing the perfect parking spot, the introduction of seasonal coffee and frozen yogurt flavors, and most recently learning that Sarah Neufeld, violinist for one of my favorite bands, the Arcade Fire, is releasing a solo album this August and has a thriving yoga studio right here in New York.  Win, win, win.

I’m a recent convert to the joys of yoga, and to be perfectly honest, was pretty much dragged there more by a laundry list of aches including bad knees, lower back pain, and general soreness due to my other physical pasatiempos like Muay Thai, BJJ, and running, rather than any desire for enlightenment or peace. I tried it before and hated chanting, hated the noisy breathing, and hated being left alone with my thoughts. That was my twenties. Now that I’m slightly older and wiser (only slightly on both counts, but boy, what a difference a few well placed years make), I appreciate the Time Out a lot more, even though I’m not giving up on eating animals or switching over to an entirely organic cotton wardrobe any time soon. Basically, I need calmness and to practice mindfulness more now, and apparently so do a lot of other stressed out, button mashing New Yorkers at my yoga studio, if the constantly broken buzzer is any indication (we need serenity NOW!). However, perhaps the ultimate goal we can hope to achieve is to acknowledge that life in this city is crazy, and “you still get stressed out, but you don’t get as wrapped up in your own reactions,” as Sarah says in her interview.

Check out the rest of the excellent profile about Sarah at The Aesthete here and if you’re in NYC, you can try getting a little meditative stretch in at Moksha.

Happy Solstice!

Will Love Tear You Apart?

Still feeling tore up about this weekend’s Game of Thrones shocking Red Wedding and feel like prolonging the agony?  Check out the hauntingly conceptualized game inspired by Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and wallow. I do recommend that you play the game in full screen and with headphones on as the entry page suggests. Much more atmospheric.

I have to admit I have played this game several times now and I have no idea whether you can win.  Oh, hey, Gordon Calleja, I see what you did there!

Fashion Flashback: Before he was Mr. Suit & Tie

Fashion Flashback: Before he was Mr. Suit & Tie

Whenever I look at my old pictures I get this weird, visceral jolt as I’m transported back in time, usually followed very quickly by the thought, “I should burn all the evidence,” which of course I never do, but I’ve been very tempted.

Child and tween celebrities don’t even have the luxury of considering that option as all their growing pains are meticulously documented by the media but I guess the inability to hide your past under a rock is part of the price you pay for stardom. That said, wow, how quickly they grow right? Justin Timberlake has come a long ways since his N’Sync days, and his look has evolved quite a bit over the last decade. He’s even all grown-up and married now. Congrats, Justin, you’ve aged quite nicely. Now button up your suit, fix your tie, tip your dapper hat, and enjoy the flashback.

*Photo courtesy of Refinery29