Mad Men… Made-Up Women

Mad Men… Made-Up Women

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Jessica Pare as Megan Draper

I am a little ashamed to admit that despite my obsession with beauty products, most days, my idea of a beauty routine is washing my face, slapping SPF lotion on, and swiping on lip balm.  If I’m feeling fancy, I might smudge some shadow on with my fingers and swirl a little bronzer on my cheeks, too.  That’s why I can’t help but admire the polished and primped glory of the ladies on Mad Men.  Regardless of who your favorite femme is, there is a tutorial for you here. Now go rock that bouffant, meticulously lined cat-eye, and red lip with your cocktail at that Mad Men viewing party you’re headed to.


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Fashion Flashback: Before he was Mr. Suit & Tie

Fashion Flashback: Before he was Mr. Suit & Tie

Whenever I look at my old pictures I get this weird, visceral jolt as I’m transported back in time, usually followed very quickly by the thought, “I should burn all the evidence,” which of course I never do, but I’ve been very tempted.

Child and tween celebrities don’t even have the luxury of considering that option as all their growing pains are meticulously documented by the media but I guess the inability to hide your past under a rock is part of the price you pay for stardom. That said, wow, how quickly they grow right? Justin Timberlake has come a long ways since his N’Sync days, and his look has evolved quite a bit over the last decade. He’s even all grown-up and married now. Congrats, Justin, you’ve aged quite nicely. Now button up your suit, fix your tie, tip your dapper hat, and enjoy the flashback.

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Girl Crush: Samantha Barks

Girl Crush: Samantha Barks

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Black dress by Valentino, necklace by House of Waris for Forevermark

I can’t think of anyone who ever wanted to be Cosette in Les Miserables. Despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding her unrequited love, street urchin status, and untimely death on the barricades, it was widely agreed that Eponine was the way cooler demoiselle de la revolución.

I’m very happy with the way that the impossibly wasp-waisted Samantha Barks and her big voice brought the character to life on the big screen (how on earth she managed to sing the way she did while cinched into a corset is a mystery to me, but that’s talent in itself). Plus, she cleans up super-nice! While everyone else was fawning over Jennifer Lawrence, I could not get over how Samantha was sartorially slaying it every single step of the way at the Oscars.

Agree?  Who was your fashionable favorite?