Through the Looking (Google) Glass

As titillating as technological innovation is, I’m a person who believes in a little resistance to progress.  I still use a Blackberry rather than an iPhone, I brew my coffee in a French Press rather than using any kind of cup or pod device, and it makes me insane when people view entire music concerts through their phones.  That’s why reading Mark Willis’s thoughts about the new Google Glass product struck a chord with me.

I hope that certain social rules surrounding the public use of other forms of technology (i.e. don’t be that asshole speaking too loudly on the phone on the bus, you deserve to be smacked if you’re texting while walking, and hey, it’s rude to check your phone on a date) will extend to Glass and that people will be kind enough to use a little common sense and courtesy as the technology develops. Unfortunately, there’s no accounting for what creeps will do.

Of course, I admit that I might just be paranoid, and this is probably because I’m a little old fashioned (see first paragraph); I also never fully jumped on the reality television bandwagon. I want my productions to feel a little like productions, and not stolen moments of other people’s lives.

Agree or disagree? What do you think is the ultimate appeal of a product like Google Glass?